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Jewelry Classes in Louisville

Instructional Classes at the Mellwood Arts Center in Louisville, KY.

What is included

  • Fun & Personal learning environment with one-on-one Instructional Expert Training.
  • No other purchase necessary, Our package deal includes everything you will need.
  • Photo’s to Share! - With your family and friends.

All Inclusive

groups available

Classes typically last two hours

Children Parties start at $15 per child. Email Emily, for details.

Starting at $35 per person

1. Basic Necklace Stringing

This is an all-inclusive introductory to stringing. Pick through several kits until you find one that speaks to you. Included: pendants, crystals, wires, and a closure. Learn tips and tricks along with a few design techniques, and color composition.

This is an all-inclusive introductory to stringing.
  • Choose your own Pendant, Crystals, Wires, and a Closure.
  • Learn exclusive tips and tricks.
  • Tutorials in design techniques, and color composition.

2. Earrings

Assemble & Make

Learn to combine three components: Wires, Connectors and a Pendant. Each including their own set of steps. Assemble: Wrapped Loop, Eye Pin, and French Wire. Make: Charm bracelets, Bobble Necklaces, and Chain Linking using three Tools and Wire Gauges. Lastly make a Two Tear Pearl Earring in your choice of color.

Combine Three Components
  • Assemble: Wrapped loop, Eye pin, and French wire.
  • Make: Charm bracelets, Bobble necklaces, and Chain linking using tools and wire gauges.
  • Create: a Two Tear Pearl Earring in your choice of color & composition.

3. Specialty Classes

Specialty Classes are held once a month, taught by local guest artists, and are priced individually. Subscribe to our email newsletter for updates and announcements on classes and times. Typical classes range from Beading Lessons, Wire Free Form and Ice Resin. Many of the ideas we use we get from our How to blog.

Unique Training from Local Area Experts
  • Expert training from a local area artist.
  • Learn to create a popular piece of jewelry.
  • Learn expert time saving tips and tricks.

Premade Group Classes in each Category are Available